The Advantages of Leasing a Ford vs. Buying in Kingsville

Our colleagues here at Sames Ford were talking about the advantages of leasing a Ford vs buying here in Kingsville, TX. What should we recommend to our customers? After some discussion, we settled on the fact that this decision is really dependent on your lifestyle.

Many customers here want to drive the latest vehicles that go on the market, in order to take advantage of technology added in newer Ford cars, SUVs and trucks. However, buying the latest Ford vehicle to experience these perks is out of many customers' price range. If this is something you really value, consider leasing a car to enjoy these comforts.

A Wide Selection of Lease Vehicles in Kingsville

When you're done using your vehicle all you need to do is return it, you don't need to worry about selling or trading-in your used car. This has some disadvantages though, normally leased Ford vehicles have a mileage cap to prevent users from traveling too far, and most leased cars are not allowed to cross country borders.

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While leasing a Ford vehicle might be less flexible, many of our customers enjoy having access to newer models. Do you want to enjoy the perks of current Ford models by leasing a new car, or do you want to have more freedom with your vehicle and purchase one that's more affordable? 

The choice you make as a customer really depends on the lifestyle you want. If you're having trouble making this decision, or want more information on how to make the right purchase, please contact us at Sames Ford in Kingsville, TX.

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